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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Chatter News Miscellaneous File

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1. Chatter News
2. Lodge Life at Chatter Creek
3. Mountain Lodge Construction (Vertebrae Lodge)
4. Solitude Lodge
5. Glacier Skiing at Chatter Creek
6. Travel Information for Golden, British Columbia
7. Chatter Creek Cat Skiing Terrain
8. Where is Chatter Creek?
9. Summer at Chatter Creek.

Chatter Creek Helicopter Skiing

A summary of the interesting points about the inagural helicopter skiing program at Chatter Creek in March/April 2006:

1. Ony 8 groups of 5 skiers are planned over a 2-week period from March 24 through April 7 2006.

2. The Bell 407 is a quiet, comfortable and very fast machine that will give very good turn-around. There should be no waiting time while the machine transfers the other group.

3. The skiing group is very small, providing intimacy, faster skiing, flexibility and aiding in the quick turn-around of the machine.

4. The standby backup snowcat has guests skiing right away, when weather comes in. Chatter Creek knows all about cat skiing and has great cat skiing terrain.

5. Much of the heli-terrain lies east of the cat skiing terrain, even closer to the cooling effect of the many Rocky Mountain icefields. There are high mountains and huge snowfields in the area. The high-altitude snow in March and April is usually very light and dry.

6. Heliskiing guests will use Chatter Creek's large and comfortable Vertebrae and Solitude Lodges. These are located central to the cat skiing tenure and relatively close to the heliskiing terrain.

7. Considering the luxury helicopter used, the snowcat backup and the very small skiing groups, the cost of the program is very competative.
8. This is an inagural program and an opportunity to be among the first to explore this very remote Rocky Mountain terrain, so close to Banff National Park and in the midst of the dramatic and spectacular Rocky Mountain scenery. This is an opportunity to experience the very heart of the Rocky Mountains. is a directory of Snowcat Skiing and Heliskiing with worldwide coverage. is the place to go for information on backcountry powder skiing from helicopters and snowcats. invites cat skiing and heliskiing photographers to set up their own private page in the Professional Backcountry Photography section. Similarly, cat ski and heli ski guides are invited to place their biographies and favorite ski photos on the Heli Ski and Cat Ski Guides page. has a wide range of ski photography, ski articles and information about heliskiing and cat skiing around the world.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Chatter Creek Staff Dan and Jube relax with guests
Chatter Creek owner/operator Dan Josephson and Lodge Manager Jubilee Cacaci relax with guests after long work day. Click here to view life in the lodges at Chatter Creek Snowcat Skiing

Click this "Winter Staff" link to meet the folks who run Chatter Creek.

Friday, August 05, 2005

South Side ski terrain from MCO Pass to Elbow Drive at Chatter Creek
South Side ski terrain at Chatter Creek. The top of Oh my Gord is visible beyond MCO Pass at the far left of the photo. MCO slopes down to the right from the pass to the trees in the lower center. Beyond the MCO trees are the draws containing RUZM (Right up ze middle) and Elbow Drive. Beyond Elbow Drive, South Park is partially visible sloping down from the highest point at the right of the photo. Lakeview is visible in the background, beyond the foot of South Park. At any one time, only 36 guests and 6 guides share the Chatter Creek cat skiing terrain, of which, this photo shows perhaps 20%. Chatter Creek offers boundless powder skiing!

Click on the image to view the names of ski runs. Use the browser's "Back" button to return to the Chatter News. For photos and information on all of the Chatter Creek ski terrain, look at our Cat Skiing Terrain photo gallery.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

South Park from 12 Miles

Chatter Creek South Side ski Terrain from 12 miles
This "Google Earth" image shows South Park and the South Side of the Chatter Creek cat skiing terrain from an altitude of about 12 miles. South Park is in the center of the image. The large mass of snow at the lower right is Vertebrae glacier. Kinbasket Lake is at the top of the image, Bush Arm is at the left.

South Park from Space

South Park & South Side Terrain at Chatter Creek no names
This "Google Earth" image shows South Park in the center, with Lakeview to the left and Oyster Bowl beyond and to the right. See the South Park description to see this image overlaid with the names of features and cat skiing areas. Click here for a view of the South Side terrain from an altitude of about 12 miles.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Combine Don gets the Pink Purse

Megan explains the circumstances by which Chatter Creek snowcat driver, "Combine Don" is about to be awarded the coveted Pink Purse. This is all part of the daily festivities at dinner at Chatter Creek. Scroll down to view life inside the Chatter Creek ski lodges.

Friday, July 01, 2005

This is the second hot tub at Chatter Creek. It is located on the main deck, between the two lodges. The first hot tub is located on the back deck of Vertebrae Lodge. This new tub is much closer to the bar. Click on the image for a better view. Use the "back" button to return.

The eastern side of the Gong Show, near MCO and to the south of Vertebrae Lodge.    Scroll down for more.                 © John Dougall

Friday, June 17, 2005

South Park and the entrances to Elbow Drive and to RUZM as seen from Lakeview. The road to RUZM climbs to the small col in the low hill to the right. The road to Elbow Drive passes through the valley between South Park and the low hill.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Chatter Creek Snowcat Skiing Office in Golden BC

Chatter Creek Office Location in Golden BC
The Chatter Creek Snowcat Skiing Office location in East (Upper) Golden. Cat Skiers joining a Chatter Creek tour meet at the Alpine Helicopters hanger at Golden Airport. Click the image for a better view.

Golden BC Aerial Photo

Golden BC Aerial Photo
Aerial View of Golden BC looking west. The TransCanada Highway from Lake Louise enters East Golden at the bottom of the photo. It then drops down a hill to a "strip" of gas stations, motels and eateries and continues north (right in the photo) to the Rogers Pass and Revelstoke. Part way along the "strip", Hwy 95 to Invermere and Radium branches off south to pass through downtown Golden at the left side of the photo. The routes to the Golden Airport and to the Kicking Horse Resort Ski Area start on Hwy 95. Click the image for a better view.

Click here to locate the Chatter Creek Snowcat Skiing Office.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005


The lower slopes of Stovepipe Mountain, taken from Lodge Ridge. Megahooped is the entire area below the central bench across which runds the Road to Vertebrae glacier. Wonderland and Bouncing Chuckles are two separate sets of lines within Megahooped. Jo-Pal starts at the top of the Windlip and passes through a draw in the northern ridge before turning and dropping to the road on the bench, quite close th the Upper Lake. A road branches to the south and crosses upper East Ridge to Mullet Bowl, Steph's Thumb and makes contact with lower Super Spruce. Megahooped Trees lies at the bottom of Megahooped.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Home Run on Lodge Ridge at Chatter Creek

The Home Run is a cut block (logged area) on the south end of Lodge Ridge, immediately above the site of Vertebrae and Solitude Lodges. Chatter Creek guests can ski and ride the home Run, right to the lodge door. The Road to Vertebrae glacier starts by traversing the Home Run.

1. Aerial view looking south from above Vertebrae lodge.
2. Aerial view of the Home Run cut block and the Lodge site with Lodge Ridge and Megahooped behind.
3. Summer view of the base of the Home Run.
4. The first snow on the Home Run heralds the closing days of the construction season.
5. Sunset over the Home Run
6. View of Vertebrae and Solitude Lodges from the Home Run
7. The top of the Home Run cut block.
8. Tailgunner, Matt Cochand on the Home Run.
9. Snowcats parked at the lodge with the base of the Home Run in the background.
10. South end of Lower Lodge Ridge with names.
Home Run on Lodge Ridge

Friday, April 15, 2005

Mommy's Run and Crystal Lite at Chatter Creek

Powder Skiing at Chatter Creek
The following link to photos taken of or on Mommy's Run and Crystal Lite, two popular cat skiing runs on the east side of Lodge Ridge at Chatter Creek.

1. Crystal Lite and Mommy's Run from Spruce Creek Gully
2. Crystal Lite at tree line on Lodge Ridge
3. On Mommy's Run looking down on Megahooped Trees
4. Riding on Mommy's Run
5. Mommy's Run in a skied-out condition
6. Mommy's Run from Megahooped.
7. Phil Fortier riding the bottom of Mommy's Run
8. John Dougall popping bumps on Mommy's Run
9. Pickup at bottom of Mommy's Run and Megahooped Trees
10. Group on Crystal Lite

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Alpine Terrain at Chatter Creek Cat Skiing
Part of the SX3 drainage with lines shown on "Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump" and "Oh My Gord" marked. The Bowling Alley is at the right hand side of the photo, where the cat road climbs to MCO Pass. Thanks, to Phil Fortier.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

RUZM (Right Up Ze Middle) and Elbow Drive as viewed from Lodge Ridge. In the setting sun, tracks in RUZM Gully, just left of center in the photo, can be clearly seen from Vertebrae Lodge. Something to contemplate and discuss while enjoying the end-of-day rituals in the bar. Elbow Drive, at the right of center in the photo, is only partially visible from the lodge.
The slope at the right side of the photo is the lower Table and the wedge of trees beyond the Table is the Bermuda Triangle.

A panorama of the Kitchen Range immediately west and south of Vertebrae lodge. The road to the new Lakeside Addition crosses over the ridge at the Pearl, abovethe Clamshell. Favorite exits from the Clamshell are the Table to the south of the Clamsell, or Forbidden Fruit and the Plank, to the north. The Plank passes below the rocky tower, Forbidden Fruit passes above. RUZM Gully and Elbow Drive are accessed from the road to MCO and the southern parts of the tenure. Staff Trees and the Bermuda Triangle provide very protected tree skiing close to Vertebrae Lodge.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

The Chatter Creek cat skiing terrain just south and west of Vertebrae Lodge, as viewed from Lodge Ridge. The path of the helicopter flight from Golden passes over MCO. Further south, beyond the areas shown lie South Park, Lakeview, Harbourview, SX3 and SX2. The new Lakeside Addition to the Chatter Creek cat skiing tenure lies to the west of the area shown. Access to the Lakeside Addition is through the Clamshell and over the top of the ridge at the right. The following links provide more views of this part of the Chatter Creek cat skiing tenure:
1. Terrain south of Vertebrae Lodge      2. Terrain west of Vertebrae Lodge      3. Lodge Ridge      4. Terrain Index

Click any Chatter News photo to enlarge it. Use the browser's "Back" button to return.

Monday, April 04, 2005

The SX2 drainage on the right and currently unnused terrain to the left. The terrain on the left lies south of Harbourview. SX2 is newly opened and few lines in it have been named.

The Bowling Alley at Chatter Creek Cat Skiing

The Bowling Alley in the upper SX3 drainage. Oh My Gord is to the left of center and Head Smashed In Bufallo Jump is in the top left of the photo. The lake below Lakeview is visible in the top right hand corner. MCO Pass is at the lower right.
Bowling Alley Photography
1. Photo of Oh My Gord, with the Bowling Alley below.
2. View into SX3 from above MCO Pass.

Looking down the Bowling Alley in SX3 from above MCO Pass. Oh My Gord is below the cat road seen on the shelf to the right. The slope at the far right is Lakeview.

The SX3 drainage viewed from above Harbourview. Harbourview is in the forground. SX3 slopes away from the camera. Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump is mostly hidden by the ridge on the left, which separates Lakeview from SX3.

Lodge Ridge and East Ridge Panorama

Viewed from the south, Lodge Ridge is on the left and upper East Ridge is on the right. Upper East Ridge curves into the flank of Stovepipe Mountain. Jo-pal is visible, above Megahooped, but is not marked.

Upper East ridge showing the tops of Super Spruce (marked) and Super Bowl, to the right. Both are on the west side of the ridge. The backdrop is the foot of Vertebrae glacier. There are unnamed runs on the east side of the ridge. The Phat, the Skinny, etc are out of the picture to the right.

Fruit Loops and Forbidden Fruit at Chatter Creek

Fruit Loops is a valley located just north of the Clamshell. The top of the valley is entered from Oyster Bowl, to the west of the Clamshell. Forbidden Fruit passes above a rocky tower at the northern edge of the Clamshell to provide a northern exit from the Clamshell. It drops into Fruit Loops just above the Waterfall, a headwall in the Fruit Loops valley. The Plank passes below the rocky tower and skirts the Waterfall to provide an alternate northern exit from the Clamshell.
Photos of Fruit Loops, Forbidden Fruit and the Plank.
1. The entrance to Fruit Loops from Oyster Bowl
2. Aerial view of Fruit Loops and the Clamshell (photo) (with names).
3. Above the Waterfall at the bottom of Fruit Loops.

Oh My Gord Photos

Alpine Terrain at Chatter Creek Cat Skiing
"Oh My Gord" in the SX3 drainage. Named after Chatter Creek guide, Gord Irwin
Photos of "Oh My Gord"
1. The upper SX3 Drainage (photo) (with names)
2. From the east: SX2, SX3 and South Park(photo) (with names)
3. From the south: SX2, SX3 and Harbourview (photo) (with names)
4. From below with lines marked.

South Park Photos

South Park, southwest of MCO and beside the lake in the Lakeview drainage.
South Park Photos
1. From the south:
    Harbourview, Lakeview and South Park (photo) (with names)
2. From the east: SX2, SX3 and South Park (photo) (with names)
3. From the north: MCO and South Park (photo) (with names)
4. South Park viewed from MCO
5. Skiing in South park
6. Ski tracks in South Park.
7. Ian Kirschner skiing in South Park.
8. Panorama of South Park and the roads to RUZM and Elbow Drive.
9. Joni B in South Park