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Friday, July 30, 2004

About Us

The Chatter News is a ski Weblog (blog) that provides an independent client's perspective on snowcat skiing and boarding and lodge construction at Chatter Creek Mountain Lodges Ltd. The links at the top of this window open the Chatter News and number of related photo galleries and information sites.

From time to time the Chatter News may publish reports about skiing-related issues not concerning Chatter Creek. All content is selected at the discretion of the editor. The purpose of the Chatter News is to provide an informal glimpse of Chatter Creek not necessarily provided by the company Web site.

The editor of the Chatter News is a Chatter Creek client, an unabashed Chatter Creek supporter and a Chatter Creek group organizer who puts together an annual cat skiing tour for friends and associates (it's like herding cats). After taking his group to another cat skiing operation in BC for a number of years, he has settled on Chatter Creek for the past few years. To date, he is always able to attract a group that is happy to return to Chatter Creek, year after year. Our group has grown to 36, which fills Vertebrae and Solitude Lodges. We have agreat time.

Please read our disclaimer.

Information published in the Chatter News includes unverified reports supplied by Chatter Creek Mountain Lodges. However, most of the information published is based on the opinions and experiences of the editor and of other cat skiing clients.

The Chatter Editor's efforts in respect to the Chatter News are entirely voluntary.

The Chatter News originates in South Delta, BC, Canada. South Delta is a southern suburb of Vancouver.